How to Save a Life

: Dr. Colin Lee and Dr. Joseph Chambers, MMMC Interventional Cardiologists
Dr. Colin Lee and Dr. Joseph Chambers, MMMC Interventional Cardiologists

“Dear Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation,

Enclosed is a donation in honor of Joseph Chambers, M.D., who probably saved my life, and assuredly saved the quality of my life, when he treated me after I had a heart attack while vacationing on Maui on February 11, 2012. I would like the money to be used in some way to enhance cardiac care. It is impossible to express adequately how thankful I was for the new cardiac care unit at the hospital, the professionalism, speed and kindness of every person who helped me; in addition to Dr. Chambers, I remember Marcie in the operating room as well as other members of the team, my nurses (Holly, Julie, Terina, Lexy, Josh and Rex), and Robin from Social Services. ”

—With deepest gratitude,
Phoebe Ann Moore
Seattle, WA

Exceptional Nurses and a “Guardian Angel”

 Lisa Haole
Lisa Haole

“From the moment I arrived at MMMC, I was given immediate attention and care by Nurse David May. He was incredible! He rarely left my side and made sure I was comfortable and more important, that we were aware and understood what was happening as I was being diagnosed. I am very grateful that David was there that morning. He is an exceptional nurse…and human being!

Once I was brought to I.C.U., I was introduced to yet another great nurse, Linda Hill. She was my guardian angel and really gave me the best possible care. I felt safe and even when I got slightly anxious, Linda was there, holding my hand, reassuring me everything was going to be all right.

Although for obvious reasons, I hope I don’t have to come back any time soon, I know I would receive excellent care at Maui Memorial Medical Center.”

—Lisa Haole


Grateful Parents Share Their Son’s Story

 Janis, Dave and Austin Murray, three days after their visit to MMMC’s ER.
Janis, Dave and Austin Murray, three days after their visit to MMMC’s ER.

“This is a letter of much thanks to all the folks in the emergency room at Maui Memorial…from check-in, nurses, to the doctors…just a wonderful experience.

On our last trip to Maui, our son, traveling with us, 28 years old, had a serious mountain bike accident. During the next two weeks, we made several trips to the ER and each experience was excellent…in fact I would compare the staff and doctors to any emergency room I have been in, including: St. Louis, New York, Boston and Los Angeles…in many cases even better. The aloha spirit was alive and well from top to bottom…everyone was nice, helpful, caring and professional.

I especially want you to know about the excellent care from ER doctor, Mark Haddad. He was with us every step of the way…from the first visit through the last when our son had a tube put in his lungs so he could fly. Mark was super! If grades could be given, Mark gets an A+++.

Our son Austin is doing better, a slow process with injuries like this. Again…the ER and all the people with Maui Memorial were fantastic.”

With much mahalo,

Dave and Janis Murray, St. Louis, MO

A Letter From Our Canadian Friends

 Eric and Diane Edlund
Eric and Diane Edlund

“To Maui Memorial Medical Center: We would like to let you know how much we appreciated the care all the staff at the hospital gave us. Everyone from the valet parking attendant to the cardiologist, made our stay as stress-free as possible. Your valet attendant helped me start my car one night when I was probably at the height of stress. Jo-Ann King, your Social Worker, made all our flight arrangements and we were able to fly home the next day. Your ER physicians and staff were so efficient and put a lot of our fears to rest.

On the 5th floor the nurses and staff were so kind. You have no idea how much this whole experience has impacted us. We will forever remember all of your kindness and expert medical attention.”

Yours truly,
Eric and Diane Edlund
Surrey, B.C., Canada

In Memory of Dean Oura

 Dean Oura
Dean Oura

“Dear MMMC Oncology Department,
Our best friend’s name is Dean R. Oura. Dean passed away last year due to complications from his cancer. Dean would often talk about the treatments he was going through and how he hated it because it made him sick. But he always mentioned the staff and how they went way beyond what he thought was to be expected. He especially had a fond aloha for Weezie (Louise Tome). She made him feel comfortable and made the horrible treatment bearable. For this we are forever grateful. Last weekend a few of us got together to play some golf and remember Dean-O. We collected a few dollars that we would like to give to your department in Dean’s name to use in any way you see fit. Again, thank you for the aloha you spread when people are going through the darkest of times.”

God bless all of you,
Dean-O’s Boys

Mahalo from MMMC Medical Staff

Dr. Colleen Inouye
Dr. Colleen Inouye

“On behalf of the medical staff I would like to thank MMMC Foundation for their extreme generosity in purchasing of many of the items we had asked for in 2010. We saw that many of the items that were on our Wish List were purchased by the Foundation. We know the Foundation works very hard to accomplish the above task. We wanted the Foundation to know that we truly appreciate them.”

Dr. Colleen Inouye,
MMMC Chief of Staff





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